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Keeping Warm This Winter With The Ease of Gas Fire Places

27 Jun, 2017

Most of us really enjoy the ambience of a lovely gas fireplace log fire in winter.

The trouble with that notion of a wood fire is that most of us do not have the time to go and chop the wood needed for the log fire.

These days it is getting harder and harder to find suitable wood to burn and create heat in a traditional wood fire.

There is also the fact that when we come home after work, we are usually very busy preparing meals and getting the kids sorted with their homework.

If a traditional wood fire has not been laid and set ready to light, it can take a while before you are actually enjoying any warmth or heating that you want.

Gas Fireplaces For Instant Warmth And Ambience

An excellent heating solution is to install a gas fireplace which has the look and feel of a wood fire, but without the hassle.

It is so simple to come home from work on a chilly winter’s evening and switch on your very convenient warm and cosy gas wood fire.

It makes sense to be able to have instant warmth in your chilly home instead of waiting hours to collect wood, light the log fire and wait until the wood is burning well enough to produce any amount of heat.

Of course the bonus with a gas fire place is that you have the beauty, heat and ambience of a log fire without the hard work or the messy clean up the next day.

So keep life simple and choose a gas fireplace from the gas heating specialists in WA.

Here at Subiaco restoration in Perth, we have the largest range of the latest gas fire, wood fire, bioethanol, electric gas fire and outdoor fireplaces available in Western Australia.

Our well trained and knowledgeable staff will happily walk you through and help you find a complete gas heating fireplace solution to suit your home.

Gas Heating and Fireplace Extras

Here at Subiaco Restoration we also offer a wide variety of traditional and contemporary gas fireplaces, mantels, fascias, wood or gas fire hearths, grates, inserts and unique fireplace accessories.

Our expert craftsmen will manufacture the perfect custom mantelpiece for your gas fireplace at our on-site workshop.

It does not get any better than that, the perfect fireplace, the perfect mantle to suit your home and no fuss.

It is simply just warm and cosy the easy way.

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