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Hardwood Decking Around The Pool

06 Feb, 2017

It goes without saying that an expanse of timber decking looks absolutely stunning and can seriously increase the value of your property in Australia. Timber decks are a national asset and are one of the unmistakable characteristics that defines our Aussie backyards.

It makes sense to upgrade your outdoor areas this summer with brand new hardwood decking, so you can entertain family and friends while showing it off.

Apart from the beauty of timber, there are some added benefits that come with installing new timber decks in your backyard.  

Which Timber Is Perfect For Your Pool Decking?

The area immediately around swimming pools is exposed to several harsh conditions in Australia. Apart from the chemicals in the water that is slashed onto the surrounding area, the summer sun and winter conditions can also take it’s toll on timber decking around your pool, if it is not a strong hardwood.

It is very important to choose the hardwood timber for your decking carefully. Spotted Gum and Merbau are both very suitable hardwoods,
These timbers are very durable and they also have a resistance to rotting.

Keep Your Decks Looking Great

Whether you choose to use a sealer or oil to protect your decking from harsh elements, make sure it is of a high quality. Once your decking has been completed, make sure you apply a high quality sealant or oil to protect your deck from the harsh elements they can be exposed to. 

This simple procedure will make your boards look great and they will last a lot longer. Subiaco Restoration in Perth have an extensive range of timber species and they also have a pre oiling service for all their timber as well.

Subiaco Restoration For Hardwood Decking 

When considering what type and colour of timber to use for the construction of your new decking, the absolute standout is hardwood.
By adding hardwood decking to your Australian home, you will be creating the perfect,  attractive and functional family outdoor entertaining area. Hardwoods are perfect around your outdoor area because of the beautiful colour varieties,  durability and rot resistance.

Take your indoors outside with the continuity of a beautiful deck and hardwood flooring for a stunning addition to your home.
When it comes to the installation of quality hardwood decking products and natural timber products materials, our product range and service is second to none.

Hardwood Timber Decking

4.Kapur Silver Top 
5.Kapur Pacific Jarrah 
6.Spotted Gum 
7.Hurfords Roasted Ash 

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