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Give Your Outdoor Area A Facelift With Hardwood Decking

14 May, 2018

Is your outdoor area looking tired and dull?  Or are you building a home and looking for the perfect solution for your backyard?  If you want to transform your outdoor area and be the envy of all your neighbours, consider hardwood decking from Subiaco Restoration. Hardwood decking has a relaxing, natural aura and each individual timber has their own distinct appearance.  Adding decking to your home is a great way to expand the living area of your home and encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors without spending alot of money on major extensions. If you want your deck to not only look amazing, but to be durable enough to stand up to the elements and not cost an arm and a leg then consider hardwood decking.  Here’s why we think hardwood decking is the perfect solution for your Australian home.

What is Hardwood Timber?

Hardwood timber is usually stronger and more durable than softwood timber.  Hardwood timber usually comes from Australian deciduous trees whereas softwood timber comes from evergreens.  The trees used for hardwood timber generally grow slower and are more dense, making them more expensive than softwood timber.

Types of Hardwood Decking

There are many different types of hardwood decking that you can choose from.  Here is a list of the types of hardwood decking that we offer at Subaico Restoration:

  • Kapur Hardwood Decking
  • Blackbutt Timber Decking
  • Jarrah Hardwood Decking
  • Merbau Hardwood Decking
  • Pacific Jarrah Decking
  • Spotted Gum Hardwood Decking
  • Hurfords Roasted Ash Hardwood Decking

Advantages of Hardwood Decking

  • Average lifetime of hardwood timber decking exceeds cedar, pine, redwood, and synthetic decking.
  • Hardwood decking is suitable for all climates and extreme weather conditions.
  • In general hardwood decking is stronger and more durable than other types of decking.
  • Hardwood decking is naturally more resilient to termites and other insect infestations.
  • Hardwood decking boards are richer in colour and usually offer a wide variety of natural colours and patterns.
  • Hardwood decking requires little maintenance.  There is no need for stripping or excessive sanding of hardwood timber decking.
  • Hardwood timber decking is stronger than softwood decking and so it is harder for it to get damaged, scratched or dented. 
  • Hardwood decking is less expensive than composite decking
  • It will increase the value of your home more so than softwood decking which is cheaper.

Subiaco Restoration is a family owned and operated business and we are passionate about craftsmanship.  Our friendly team are always happy to help and some of us have been in the industry for many decades and have backgrounds in building industry professions.  Come in and have a chat with us and we can show you how we will transform your home with out beautiful Australian hardwood decking.

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