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Hergom is one of Europe’s largest and most established manufacturers of cast-iron fireplaces and cookers. Through their innovative internal structure Hergom fireplace provide maximum heat and fuel performance with minimal emissions of unburnt particles into the atmosphere.

  • Constructed using high quality cast-iron – cast-iron guarantees a high-quality finish, high resilience, and optimum heat transfer.
  • A high-density vermiculite lining system that insulates the combustion chamber, providing better heat reflection.
  • Advanced double combustion system allows for a cleaner and more efficient burn, by injecting air into the firebox and reigniting unburnt particles providing more heat with less wood.
  • Superior air wash cleaning system. Air currents sweep the inner part of the glass, keeping it free of dust and particles for unparalleled fire viewing.
  • Removable sealed ash-pan and grill assures a clean convenient disposal of ashes
  • Spectacular viewing from any angle.

Hergom Glance L - Freestanding

The Hergom Glance has been recognised by the Hearth & Home Awards in 2018 and the WINNER of the Best stove over 5kW.

Dimensions: 825 H x 700 W x 411 D (mm)

Nominal Heat Output: 10.0 kW

Hergom Glance

the innovative design of the Freestanding Hergom Glance is truly something to behold

Dimensions: 586 H x 700 W x 411 D (mm)

Nominal Heat Output: 10.0 kW

Hergom E-40

The E-40 is one of the latest stoves produced by Hergom.

The E-40 provides a constant, gentle warmth due to the heat retention properties of its robust, cast iron construction; this means that this stove will continue to emit heat after the fire has been extinguished.

Dimensions: 870 H x 600 W x 430 D (mm)

Nominal Heat Output: 10.6 kW