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The Austroflamm range combines proven heat storage technology with exceptional design. The technology guarantees you more hours of heat storage without the need for refilling. 

Modern stoves need inspirational design and enormous developments in the area of combustion technology. A fundamental example is the firebox lining: For all Austroflamm stoves these important parts are made out of “Keramott”. Keramott is a special product developed exclusively by Austroflamm. This material excels by creating an exceptional ratio between thermal insulation and heat conduction. As a consequence the combustion chamber reaches higher temperatures sooner. A clean, low-emission combustion, keeping the glass exceptionally clean and the firebricks white.

Austroflamm Clou Xtra


The large firebox is closed off by an equally large fire door, the main feature being the round design. This allows you to look at the fire as through a porthole. The interior lining of the combustion chamber is made of special ceramic clay that creates a special relationship between thermal insulation and thermal output. The result—a design quickly creating high combustion chamber temperatures!

Austroflamm Woody

The Austroflamm Woody with it’s elegant wooden base and handle captivates at first glance.

Here, the name speaks for itself! The Austroflamm Woody with it’s elegant wooden base and handle (a combination of beech and natural walnut) captivates at first glance. Just as striking is the oval cast door in portrait format and the bevelled lid. The perfect partner for the Woody is our beautiful and practical wood box. Of course, this is also available as an accessory to any other fire.

Austroflamm 120x45S


Come home in the evening and warm yourself in front of the fire: this is true recreation.