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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Escea outdoor gas or wood fireplaces let you enjoy the open air while staying warm. These fireplaces create a dramatic centre point to any outdoor gathering, adding sophistication and ambience to any occasion.

The EF5000 is a great looking gas fireplace designed for quick convenient heat at the push of a button. whether you are planning on entertaining all night or are just wishing to unwind after a day at work, the EF5000 gas fireplace is ideal. The innovative design of the EF5000 means no flue is required, and the fireplace is zero-clearance, so can be installed straight into any timber-framed external construction.

If you prefer the sight, smell and crackling of an open wood fire, and love to cook outdoors, then the Ew5000 outdoor cooking fire is the one for you. For long life, Escea constructed its firebox of high quality 4mm thick steel. The Ew5000 requires a fully non-combustible structure such as masonry, stone, concrete or brickwork, and also requires a standard flue. The Ew5000 can be finished with or without the stainless steel Slab fascia.




The EF5000 outdoor gas fireplace adds ambience and quick convenient heat to any outdoor area. It has a very clean modern look with a variety of fronts and fuel beds to choose from.



The EW5000 outdoor cooking fire allows enjoyment of BBQ cooking over the embers of burnt wood. It can be installed with a stainless steel front or recessed into the outdoor structure.