Subiaco Restoration


SLOW COMBUSTION WOOD HEATING Download: Nectre Brochure (pdf)

The name Nectre is synonymous with wood heaters in Australia for its solid reputation, simplicity of operation and timeless styling. They are efficient in making use of an abundant renewable resource, wood, to heat a single room - or a whole house.

  • Made and tested in Australia for clearance and emissions
  • Grit blasted and spray painted to perform at high operating temperatures
  • Joints are MIG welded and the walls of the heater are lined with firebricks
  • Cast iron doors feature heat proof woven rope for an airtight seal
  • Specially designed air control and door handles to always remain cool


Baker’s Oven

Heater and Oven

A heater and classic wood oven and cooktop combined. Cooktop takes four large saucepans and features two removable rings 11 kW output to heat an area up to 90 m2.

Big Baker’s Oven

Heater and Oven

The Big Bakers Oven will heat your home while offering ample space for roasts in the oven beneath.