Subiaco Restoration



Respect & Responsibility

At Subiaco Restoration we recognise and respect the environment in which we work and live, and believe in managing our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

Reduction & Recycling

We pride ourselves on minimising the impacts by reducing all forms of waste, identifying recycling opportunities and maximising energy efficiency, with 80% of the companies power usage supplied from solar panels.

As part of our program all plastic, paper and metal is 100% recycled, any timber waste products are responsably disposed of and we are committed to working with our suppliers to achieve higher efficiency on all our gas fire places.

FSC Certification

We ensure that all timber products sourced and supplied through us comply with forestry laws and regulations and where possible are certified under the FSC Chain of Custody.

Products with FSC Certification uphold principles and criteria which support the highest standards of forest management here in Australia and around the world.